How to join?

Do you  want to share the same stage with such world-famous stars as Eddie Torres, Karel Flores or Adolfo Indacochea? Do you want to feel that thrill which you get while standing in the spotlight? El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival presents you with exactly such a chance.

STARGATE_SHOWSDuring a special program at the time of lunch break between the workshops, a jury of top world stage dancers will choose winners who will get the opportunity to present their performance on stage during that evening’s gala party and introduce themselves to an international attention. This is a unique chance for both amateurs dreaming of an effective debut as well as professionals looking for a way  to worldwide stardom.

This year the jury will consist of: Anna Chagowska, Super Mario, Karel Flores, Jorge Burgos ‘Atca’, Alfredo Garcia Gonzalez and Carola Tauler.

All participants of STARGATE SHOWS  get 50 % discount from the current price of VIP Pass.

This year the Stargat Shows will last 3 days!

We have prepared 3 categories for you:

  • Solo ( show up to 2 minutes ) – Friday
  • Couples ( show up to 3 minutes ) – Saturday
  •  Groups ( show up to 4 minutes, groups up to 10 participants ) – Sunday

There are 10 available spots in each category. The performances will be marked for technique, choreography and image.

How to participate – information and stipulations:

  1. Please send your applications to The deadline for applying passes on 31 August 2016. Your application should include:

– First and last name of the participant / participants ( additionally, stage name and / or the name of the group )

– A written description and a photo of artist / artists and the show

  1. The condition of participation is the purchase of a VIP PASS for which all contestants of Stargate Shows get a -50 % discount. The discount is calculated from the CURRENT PRICE AT THE MOMENT OF PURCHASE. You should buy the VIP Pass through the form on the website ( ) and use the promo code you get with the confirmation of acceptance. In order to guarantee your participation, the Pass should be purchased until 15 SEPTEMBER 2016.

ATTENTION! Failure to make payment within the time limit will result in removal from the list of participants of Stargate Shows.

  1. Contestants may participate in only one chosen category of Stargate Shows.