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How to join?


It’s time for you! Take the challenge and stand on stage with such world-famous artists such as Eddie Torres, Karel Flores and Adolfo Indacochea!

Feel the emotions, the thrill, the atmosphere, the stage and the spotlights just for you!

Once again we invite you to the stage of our festival – El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival presents you with exactly such a chance.

This is a great opportunity for amateurs who dream of a successful debut as well as professionals looking for a pass to worldwide stardom.

All participants of STARGATE SHOWS  get 50 % discount from the current price of VIP Pass.

This year the Stargate Shows will last 3 days!

We have prepared 3 categories for you:
–         Solo ( show up to 2 minutes ) – Friday
–         Couples ( show up to 2,5 minutes ) – Saturday
–         Groups ( show up to 3,5 minutes, groups up to 10 participants ) – Sunday

There are 10 available spots in each category. The performances will be marked for technique, choreography and image.

How to participate – information and regulations:

Please send your applications to no later than 15 AUGUST 2017. The registration may be closed earlier when all places are filled.

  1. Your application should include:
    – First and last name of the participant / participants ( additionally, stage name and / or the name of the group )
    – A written description and a photo of artist / artists and the show
    – Music for the show in mp3 format.
  2. All Stargate Show contestants must have a VIP PASS which they can get with 50% discount. The discount is calculated from the CURRENT PRICE AT THE MOMENT OF PURCHASE. You should purchase the VIP PASS through the form on the website ( ) and use the promo code you get from the organiser together with the confirmation of your participation.
    In order to guarantee your participation, the pass should be purchased no later than 31 August 2017. If the participant already has another pass purchased before the registration, it will be converted to VIP PASS Stargate (50% of the VIP PASS price). In such case, depending on the amount originally paid, a surcharge to the price of the VIP PASS Stargate may be required or an overpayment will appear that can be used as a discount for the next edition of the festival. ATTENTION! Failure to make payment within the time limit will result in removal from the list of participants of the Stargate Shows.
  3. Each contestant may participate in only one chosen category of Stargate Shows.
  4. Presented shows must at least 60% contain dance techniques such as salsa / bachata / kizomba / zouk. We allow fusions – but their % must be in the minority.