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AfroSalsa Fusion Show Bootcamp by Maykel Fonts

AfroSalsa Fusion Show Bootcamp by Maykel Fonts 
For the first time at EL SOL Salsa Festival !!
He graduated in the most famous dance school in Cuba, the Tropicana, where he studied ballet, modern and contemporary dance, afro, rumba (Guaguanco, Yambù, Columbia).
In 2000 he moved to Italy with the group Ire Batà and studied with several teachers including Virgilio Pitzalis, Marco Macchetti, Steve LaChance, Gus Bemberry, Christopher Uggins, Chacalli, Paganini and many more.
In 2005, he attended a professional course of flamenco in Jerez – Spain
Practiced disciplines: ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, flamenco, latin-american dances and acrobatics.

This bootcamp will united two worlds. We want afrocuban dancers & salsa dancers to become one team and to give an amazing show on our Saturday Party.
This bootcamp has three components:
 – AFROSALSA FUSION –  you will work on a choreography based on cuban styles such as: casino, son, mambo cubano, chachacha, afrocuban. If you are dancing salsa on1 or on2 and you just started to think that this bootcamp is not for you don’t give up yet 🙂 
Don’t forget that salsa which you dance came from the moves which we mentioned above. That’s how it all started. What is more – Maykel’s workshops are always full of salseros.  You are asking why ? Because they know it’s important for salseros of all types of salsa.
SHOW STYLE – Maykel apart from being an amazing instructor is also a showman. His solo shows are always  a masterpiece. Show could be his second name. Not many of us know that he was a solo artist in theaters. He has also performed in movies & music videos. That has given  him an amazing knowledge and connection with the stage. Now he is ready to share his experience with you.
BOOTCAMP – it’s not only a bootcamp,  it is a challenge. Challenge for you to become a better dancer. 6 hours of hard work, culminated with a performance during the Saturday gala party of El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival 2020 – one of the biggest salsa scenes in Europe.
During these 6 hours you will develop your skills, movement, body control & self-confidence.
Are you ready for this project ? Maykel Fonts is challenging You !
The workshop will take place on:
– Thursday 12.11 (not earlier than 2:00 pm)
– Friday 13.11
– Saturday 14.11
Only 40 places.
For first 5 participants the price is only 129 EUR!

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* Organizers of EL SOL WARSAW SALSA FESTIVAL reserve rights to cancel BOOTCAMP in case there are not enough participants in the project.

**The instructors reserve the right to choose who is going to perform on stage.


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