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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The company Chagowska Productions Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa is aware of the fact that protection of your privacy is important to our service users. We treat very seriously your personal data protection, therefore we would like you to know when and which of your data is kept and how it is used. This Declaration is to present to you data protection measures applied by Chagowska Productions Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa

Data collecting

In principle, you may use our internet presentation with no obligation to disclose your personal data. Due to security reasons, when calling our service, the following, anonymous statistic data will be saved: the name of your internet service provider, the website that you visited via the present service, our internet websites that you visited and IP address of your computer. The above mentioned data allow the possibility of identification, however they are not used with reference to a particular person. This data may be used for statistic purposes, with the individual user kept anonymous. If the data needs to be passed to external entities providing technical service, the technical and organizational measures applied guarantee adherence to personal data protection regulations

Collecting and elaborating personal data

Your personal data is collected only when you provide it to us, for example during registration process by filling up the registration form or sending an email, as part of requests or ordering products, services or materials. The database and its content remains in our company and with our service provider. Your personal data is not shared with third parties. Situations that are an exception are the following: this fact agreed upon with you or an official regulation on this issue. We will keep control and responsibility of the use of the data disclosed to us. Your data may possibly be processed in other servers and countries, for example in USA.  In case of differences in legislation regarding data protection comparing to your country legislation we assure that the entity processing the data in other country would implement technical and organizational actions that would guarantee an appropriate level of data protection comparing to your country.

Using personal data

The collected users’ personal data shall be used only to provide products or services that you ordered as well as for other purposes that you agreed to, provided no other legislative obligations appear.

Access, deleting or modification of collected personal data

You have right to verify and correct any data referring to you, if in your opinion they require correction or updating. To this end  you need to send an email to the address given in the footer or to the person responsible for personal data protection.

A right to withdraw your consent

At any moment you have right to withdraw your consent previously given to use your personal data collected. To this end you need to send an email to the address given in the footer or to the person responsible for personal data protection.

Personal data storage

We store personal data as long as it is necessary for provision of service that you requested or to which you agreed, provided there are no other legislative obligations, for example in case of current court proceedings.


Cookies are small text files saved locally in the memory of the internet browser on the computer used to visit our website. Cookies allow to identify the internet browser in order to optimize the website content offered and simplify its use. This data is not used for identification of the person that visited the website.


Chagowska Productions Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa applies technical and organizational measures in order to protect your disclosed data from accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorized access. In case of collecting and elaborating personal data the information transferred is encrypted to prevent it from misuse by third party. The safety measurements are modified and adapted to technology development.


Protection of children’s privacy is an important issue. Therefore Chagowska Productions Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa does not collect, elaborate and use in this service any information about persons known to be under 13 years old. On  request directed to Chagowska Productions Sp. z o.o. Sp. komandytowa legal guardians may be given access to information disclosed by their child as well as may demand to delete such information.


In case of problems or questions please direct to our Representative responsible for personal data protection available A continuous development of Internet makes it necessary to adapt from time to time the present declaration regarding data protection . We reserve the right to introduce appropriate changes at any time.