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Dj Ralph Le Cavo


Dj Ralph Le Cavo



Passionate about Cuba and her musical richness, I discovered Cuban salsa since 10 years ago.

Before being a DJ, Im the passionate dancer which made me discover a lot of amazing Cuban festivals in Europe as well as a lot of others passionate dancers who developed in friendship all over Europe.

Over the years, I enjoyed animating the before and after parties with friends with Cuban music on my boombox 😉

I live in Geneva, Switzerland.  In 2016, I started Djing thanks to my friends, who are passionate about Cuban salsa too.  They even find me my DJ name, Ralph Le Cavo. There is a connection with rum but shh 😉 

My experience developed quickly.  I’m the local DJ of the Ya Tu Sabes festival in Geneva, I’m a salsa resident at the Village de Soir in Geneva too.

 I was able to do and I do a lot of events all over Switzerland.  

In 2019, I was able to start discovering international festivals as a DJ (Yo Vengo from Cuba in Germany for example).  Before the virus, I was scheduled for festivals in France and Germany before their postponement for next year.

 One of my qualities is therefore to be a passionate dancer before being a DJ.  This allows me to know the needs of the dancers and the state of mind throughout the evening.  Making you happy is my priority!