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Transferred tickets

TRANSFERRED TICKETS – How to use the amounts spent

The programme for the upcoming El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival 2021 has been adjusted to current epidemiological and market situation.

Unused festival passes from last year edition (El Sol WSF 2020) will be settled according to the amounts actually spent, i.e. the amount paid for the pass can be used for purchase of any ticket from the current offer for El Sol WSF 2021 or other events of the Organizer (Chagowska Productions / Latin Events) until the end of 2022, in accordance with the rules set below:

1. Tickets for El Sol WSF 2021 or for other events need to be registered again, i.e. they are NOT transferred automatically from previous editions in any form.

2. In order to use the amounts paid for the unused tickets you need to contact us by email at not later than 2 weeks before the chosen event, and in case of El Sol
WSF 2021 until October 20th, 2021 at the latest (unless the chosen passes are sold out earlier).
The amounts can be used for pass for yourself or/and any other participant.

Name and surname of the participant(s):
E-mail of the participant(s):
chosen event:
chosen pass type:
(possibly name of discount group + promocode)

3. Due to current restrictions the number of places for the events is STRICTLY LIMITED. In case the spots are sold out we will not be able to accept your request for registration. In such case please consider attending any other event of the Organizer.

4. The price for the new ticket is based on the event pricing table as of the day when we receive your email request for registration.

If your amount to use is lower than the price of the chosen pass you will be asked to make a surcharge according to the instructions received.

If your amount to use is higher than the price of the chosen pass, the remaining amount will be registered in our database at your disposal for any other event of the Organizer until the
end of 2022.

5. The participant can use a full amount (100%) paid for the original ticket, provided that it hasn’t been used earlier in total or in part. In case of tickets bought for Warsaw Salsa
Marathon 2020 or EL Sol WSF 2020 the amount is 20% higher (120% of the amount paid).

6. In case the of doubts on the amounts at your disposal or about the additional 20% bonus, please contact us at for clarification. Any other situations are
examined on individual basis, please also contact us at in such case.

7. Tickets bought and registered using the transferred amounts are not subject to return policy, but you can proceed with owner change of such pass according to terms and conditions of the event you chose.

Before the event please check if you have received your ticket.