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We do not promise it will be easy. There will be 4 days of hard work ahead of you.

Why hard?

There will be a lot of stress, little sleep and the requirement to act under time pressure.

Why is it worth it?

Because, together with us, you will create an unforgettable event for 5000 people from all over the world. They all come here to experience something extraordinary, and you will have a part in it.

By being a part of our event, you will master:
-working under time pressure
-dealing with crisis situations
-dealing with difficult clients
-the experience of organizing world scale events
Don’t forget that we also give you the opportunity to participate in workshops led by the biggest
names of the world dance scene and to experience concerts of amazing musicians.
4 days, 16 hours of work. How many hours of fun and sleep – that depends entirely on you.

Is it worth it?
The fact that 75% of volunteers return to us every year says enough to answer that question.

The mission of our team of volunteers is to:
-make the event participants wait impatiently for next festival editions
-provide the best quality of service on the market
-taking great care of our clients
-following the client’s feedback to improve our services
It takes 14-16 hours of work, one-time shifts last 3-4 hours. For now, we are gathering a team, and
we will ask you later for your specific availability.
In return for joining the volunteer squad, you will receive from us a VIP PASS for El Sol WSF.

If you want to join the team of festival friends, complete the form. We will contact selected people within 14 days.


See you in November !!!
El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival Team